I Love My Work!

Being a working designer is a difficult challenge, it’s  a balance of two careers. The first is “the business” (our own Lily Absinthe Corsetry and Couture) and the second, being my own pursuit of inspiration. I have to keep creating beautiful projects in order to inspire the business, both art forms support the other. Twenty four hours each day, I eat, sleep, and breathe this.

Maintaining artistic momentum has taught me to be organized, something I had successfully avoided until I realized how much it could support my creative process. The algebra and geometry I hated in my youth are used to calculate corset patterns, laundry and ironing require specific bullet points…I am the girl who sniffed at Home Ec!

When my husband signed on the business,(now a family business!) we sat and re-wrote our business plan. He does the planning, billing, design assistant, and support, I am the lead designer and artist. Being part of a team is a blessing, I am still learning to share creative control, he is taking courses and quickly taking over the science of all of this…there is no time to rest.

To our friends and clients, we wish you Happy Easter, Passover,  and Spring. We hope you enjoy and follow our art that begins this month, a good time for new beginnings.

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