Currently Under Construction….1881 Day Dress…Pleating Galore!

Now under construction at Lily Absinthe!

Today’s feature is a Victorian Era dress, c. 1881, this is a relatively slim design characteristic of the years from 1878 through 1882 when fashion trends took a brief break from the full-on bustle of the 1870s and the more structured but equally distinct bustle of the 1880s.

Below, in no particular order, are a few preview pictures…enjoy!

Completed skirt: hand-finished with silk piping, padded hem facings, all the panels have been hand-finished even on the inside.

The skirt under construction- the skirt is constructed from a pale ice blue silk.

A garment’s true beauty is underneath…a beautiful finish is it’s own reward! We have found in our experience that old school is the best and especially when it comes to sewing machines (yes, they had them in the 1880s!). At the heart of the operation is our collection of vintage Singer sewing machines, all of them restored and fully functional. No plastic here!

Piped and banded silk knife pleats layered on padded hems.

Giving some extra oomph with padded pleating…I love the smell of steaming silk!

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