The Seaside Lady

This little 1879 Seaside Lady went to her new home last week, sharing the girly glory one last time. ❤


Satin piped self-fabric bands for trim, taffeta knife pleats, French Net shirred skirt front and origami pleats at the front with contrast facings..girly enough for you? But there’s more…


This is an 1879 Seaside Gown, straight from a Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Vintage deep teal velvet cuffs and front plastron, French Net shirring, satin piped self-fabric bands, taffeta knife pleating, origami pleating, and contrast bayleuse for skirt fullness. And hand finished, of course…from our Camille design, a Lily Absinthe exclusive.


Of course the stripes match! Pretty dyed to match fringe gives a little “waggle” when her owner walks. I love the origami pleats- they’re irresistible! ❤


What’s underneath to give our skirts that amazing authentic movement? A built-in bayleuse (dust ruffle) that allows the pleated skirt to glide on top as the wearer moves…and it gives a pretty glimpse of something shocking if the breeze should blow a bit. ❤

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