The “Free”…

I love my Singers, but there’s a little known American machine company that was called: “The Free”. It’s my “fun” machine that I use when I want to just treadle and have fun with antiques. It has a unique mechanical movement (called a “rotoscillo” style) and the Art Nouveau decals graphics appeal to me. This sad little lady came from ebay, was just thrown in a box and shipped to me with a dented oil pan and some other issues. I cleaned her up a bit and she’s ready to rock and roll in my treadle at the Tombstone house…and um, now there will be three of this brand there. I can stop collecting unique machines at any time, no–really, I can. (I just don’t want to 🙂 )

Free Sewing Machine1 Vintage

Free Sewing Machine2 Vintage

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