Out And About In London- Liberty London

Liberty department store London.jpg

It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity since arriving in London on Sunday. Here’s a little update on some of what we’ve been up to. Today we decided to head to Liberty London to check out their fabrics. From an historical clothing perspective, Liberty has a long history dating back to 1875 when Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened a department store specializing in fabrics, ornaments, and objects d’art from the Far East at 218a Regent Street. In 1885, Liberty moved to its present location at 142-144 Regent Street and this where we paid a visit. 🙂

Arthur Lasenby Liberty

Since its early days, the product mix at Liberty has become a bit more diverse with offerings ranging from mens’ and womens’ clothing, household furnishings, and food, to fabrics and sewing supplies. Most of the fabrics we saw, with the exception of a line from Ungaro, are Liberty’s own proprietary designs and many are offered in cotton, linen, and silk versions.


Scouting out the line of silks from Ungaro…very exquisite and very expensive… 🙂


The selection was amazing and while we had many attractive choices, we ultimately settled on these:

Overall, it was a productive visit and it gave us many ideas for future projects. It’s an amazing store and we’ll be returning to Liberty in December for further inspiration. 🙂

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