Out And About In Bath- Part 4

Image result for georgian garden bath england

Bath is noted for its Georgian architecture and gardens were an important element.  After checking out the Royal Crescent, I wandered back towards the center of town and while doing so, I came across The Georgian Garden quite by accident- the open gate was hard to miss in a row of closed backyard gates. 🙂 The garden was originally laid out in the late 1760s, roughly the same time that the Royal Crescent was constructed. As with many typical Georgian gardens, there was no lawn, rather the basic surface covering was a pea gravel with flagstone walkways. Here are a few pictures that I took:



View from the garden gate side.



Looking south towards the entrance gate (it’s actually set below the level of the garden and you have to take stairs).


Close-up of the Garden’s center.

The area of the garden is marked on the map and #1 is the back gate. It forms the backyard for an existing house (#2).

The garden itself underwent a number of changes over the years to include the installation of a grass lawn. In 1985, a survey was conducted of the garden to determine what sorts of plantings were there in the 1760s and after some research, restoration work was undertaken to restore the garden to its original configuration. It’s a small garden but is well laid out with a number of interesting plants (although I am no expert by any means, I just know what I like 🙂 ). I hope you’ve enjoyed this small excursion!


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