Some Projects On The Way…


The Arizona House

Below are some updates of two projects that I am working on in preparation for our next trip to Tombstone in four days. Both of these dresses are twelve years old (or more) and I called them “old technology” and stopped wearing them. They have both been completely taken apart and remade in my spare time and I hope to wear them next week at the Arizona house…cross your fingers and light a candle for me. 🙂


Pretty blue ladies waiting for their final fittings.


When it comes to ruffles, shirring, and pleats…more is best!

Here are some “before” pictures:


Sadly, the periwinkle silk on this one actually sun faded but at the time it was a favorite dress and I wore it a lot. This one has a completely new bodice.


The other “before”- This one’s skirt was completely redone from scratch but like the other dress, I used all the original silk and added some taupe silk to the mix. My tastes had changed in all that time, so I wanted more hem detail. The bodice body is the same, but completely taken apart and redone. We all evolve, so I’m hoping this will be as pretty as I designed. 🙂

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