The Lily Absinthe Bridal- Made With Love

Here is the beginning of a series of exclusive Bridal designs that we’re pleased to share here from Lily Absinthe Atelier. We consider them an example of our Art, each couture piece is designed, patterned, hand-finished, and signed in the traditional style of the famous Parisian Fashion Houses of the Belle Epoque. Each is named after the beautiful woman of the Victorian Age that inspired them: first the “Lily,” then the “Alexandra,” and finally the “Tatiana.” Each dress has a different feel and silhouette, but can be tailored to enhance every client. We welcome and encourage your inquiry, these can be experienced nowhere else except here, by trunk shows, or by atelier appointment. Please enjoy these beautiful pieces of our heart that will be the cornerstone of your most special of days…because they are truly Made With Love.

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