Trending For Christmas & New Years…1878

The late 1870s has always been a source of fascination for us and recently, we came across some interesting fashion plates published by The Young Ladies Journal dating from that period. To us, it’s simply amazing that wide variety of styles and colors that were available as depicted in this fashion plate:

The Young Ladies Journal, Christmas & New Years, 1878

What we find especially interesting is that there seemingly was no set “holiday color palette” like one sees today. What’s also interesting is that colors range from the jewel tones to pale pastels (something normally associated with the spring and summer months). Now, making allowances for artistic license in regard to colors, the styles themselves are still even considered on their own. And no surprise, the various pleatings and ruffles all serve to emphasize the cylindrical silhouette characteristic of this period.

So just in case you’re lacking in holiday inspiration, this should help.  🙂

More on Mantles…

Just a little update on just one of several mantle designs currently under development. This particular mantle has been constructed from an original period pattern that we have modified somewhat for sizing and fit. Our prototype features a semi-rigid sleeve design (no overhead lifting with this mantle!) with an extreme pointed elbow and a winged mandarin collar (which can be modified into a number of different styles). The fabric we’re using is a rich brocade with a metallic gold design. Here are a few more pictures to add to our previous post:

Above are front and back views. The patterns on the fashion fabric were fairly easy to match up.

Side profile of the sleeves. Here’s some close-ups of the collar:

We’re planning on offering this in a variety of fabrics with several collar variants. Stay tuned for more! 🙂