The “Keystone” Jacket and Dress Cutter: An 1895 Guide to Women’s Tailoring by Charles Hecklinger, Dover Reprint, New New



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Originally published in 1895, the “The ‘Keystone’ Jacket and Dress Cutter: An 1895 Guide to Women’s Tailoring” by Charles Hecklinger was one of many tailoring manuals on the market during the 1890s. This edition is a Dover Publications edition that was released in 2006 and these copies are new. We have used this book to draft several 1890s patterns to include an Eton Jacket and while some final adjustments were necessary, the overall system is sound- we’ve included some pictures from an Eton jacket we made utilizing a pattern drafted from this book for illustration (Eton jacket sold separately). This is definitely for the more advanced sewer but if you’re willing to put in the time, the end product is very satisfying and it’s uniquely your own.


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