Day Dresses

Gowns that are Victorian and “Proper”- these are gowns that Old West Women would be wearing in town, for functions, to visit, to travel, etc., and we refer to them as “Day Dresses.” Lily Absinthe Designs are distinctive because we still use the original methods and include the underpinnings of the time period, to include corsets, bustles, and petticoats, there is no substitution for the correct look. Our research comes from our private museum collection and the patterns we draft from it, along with fashion plates from the time period and original photography… we create the standard, we don’t follow it.

Prices begin at $800. for a day dress from one of our exclusive designs in a combination of cotton with a bit of silk or wool, including a specific amount of knife pleating, ruffles, or ruches, more intense designs will add to the base rate. (we can also produce duplicates and love to age and distress our film gowns! ) We have beautiful textiles in stock, please make an appointment and stop by at our atelier in Los Angeles, long-distance orders are fine, or make an appointment when we’re at our historic home in Old West Tombstone.

We hope you enjoy this selection of our body of work here at Lily Absinthe,  it’s a combination of private commissions, film work, and selections from our inventory that we use for our studio rentals. We welcome your inquiry for a creation for yourself, a loved one, or film production. This is only a slice of what we have to offer, we invite you to use this to spur your imagination!

Beautiful “Seaside” gown in silk taffeta, embroidered cotton and lace, inspired by Impressionist paintings, in the style of 1881. Dyed to match chapeau with three straws is also a Lily Absinthe exclusive.


Silk stripe suit with antique embroidered wool sheer, shown to advantage at the “Deadwood” set.


Silk dupioni knife pleated Princess-style 1878 gown  with ruches and ruffles, made for Thena M.


Matte damask, taffeta, and dyed to match cotton batiste flounces with vintage embroidered net lace make an 1877 fancy day gown. Made for Rebecca D.


Cotton batiste with vintage embroidered borders and silk knife pleating with antique figured lace front in the style of 1800. Hat and parasol were done in-house here as well.


Antique silk brocade and silk stripe suit in the style of 1876, parasol was restored and recovered in-house here as well. Worn by Fallon E.


Beautiful 1881 style dress in a combination of dyed to match cotton stripe and silk taffeta and English net ruffles. Hat is a Lily Absinthe exclusive, made for J’Lynn O and worn in Tombstone, Arizona.


Beautiful silk dupioni pleated and hand-finished gown in the style of 1881, taken strictly from an original fashion plate, hat was made here in-house as well, made for Julia.



Overdyed sprigged cotton batiste with self-fabric ruffles, ruches, and insertion with silk sashes and bows, made in the style of 1883. Made for Rebecca D.


Silk taffeta with scallops and knife pleating, black silk velvet plastron and sleeves with antique cut steel embroidery in the style of 1880.


Beautiful, but somber dress with antique matte black soutache, embroidery, and ‘crape’ with only a small relief of the darkness at the wrists with an antique tambour lace flounce. Jewelry, memorial pin, and cut steel appliquees are original, as are the silk veil and bonnet. This was taken at Allen Street Cemetery in Tombstone, Az.


Silk suit in the style of 1890s, with antique silk soutache embroidered net overlay on habit bodice, silk fringe, and antique velvet hat from our museum collection. Worn in Tombstone, Arizona.


Some of our marvelous background clothing for women, with “quiet” colors and textures but with the same Lily Absinthe tailoring that we are famous for. Come see for yourself!