Winding Down 2016…


Well, 2016 is winding down and I can finally take a small break. 2016 has been a very busy year for Karin and I here at Lily Absinthe. Between traveling to No. 11 in Tombstone, conventions, and designing and creating our line of bridal fashions, it’s been a full plate and for 2017 it looks like more of the same. For me personally, it’s been a year of personal growth as I have worked to expand my technical knowledge of design and fashion history. While the road has been bumpy at times and required a major investment of time and energy, the rewards have been personally satisfying and has given me a sense of personal accomplishment.


Making some final adjustments…

For 2017, I plan on moving further and exploring the various facets of 19th and early 20th Century fashion and while there will, no doubt, be many challenges, I look forward to them because in the end, it can only have a positive outcome. 🙂


Fashion doesn’t always happen in the Atelier… 




It all starts here… 


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