Fashion Plate, Peterson’s Magazine June 1889

Fig 1 – Boating-Dress or Dress for the Country, of Scotch flannel, in blue and rose-colored stripes on a cream ground. The arrangement of the skirt consists in cutting the front and side breadths longer than for walking, and siposing of the extra length in plaits at back of waist. The back falls in straight folds, and is finished at the waist by a long sash with drooping bows of the material. The bodice has short points, back and front, and opens in the front of the neck under a sailor-collar, finished by a handkerchief of blue silk. Pointed collar and cuffs. Sailor-hat of straw, trimmed with upright loops of ribbon to correspond with the dress.

Fig 2 – House-Dress, of white nun’s-veiling. The underskirt is laid in plaits on the left side. The over-dress is plaited to the edge of the bodice, falls in a point at the right side, and is very slightly looped at the left side and back. The bodice is plaited in front and slightly so at the back, and is cut rather low at the throat, where it is finished by a large ruffle of lace. The sleeves are short and full, plaited lengthwise.

Fig 3 – Walking-Dress, of blue nun’s-veiling. The right side is laid in plaits; the left side and front are plain, and the drapery is caught up by a bow of blue ribbon. The bodice is plaited, as well as the sleeves. Straw hat, trimmed with blue ribbon and a white bird.

Fig 4 – Walking-Dress, of buff sateen studded with red tulips. There is a plain narrow border of the sateen, over which the skirt falls. The skirt is put with some fullness to the waist, and is slightly caught up on the left hip. The bodice is round at the waist and full, and is worn with a sash of red ribbon with long ends. A trimming of red ribbon reaches from the bow on the shoulder to the waist. Collar of red. Sleeves full at top. Straw hat, trimmed with white flowers and red ribbon.

Fig 5 – Garden-Party Dress, of delicate green India silk. The front of the skirt is plain; at the back is a deep plaiting of the silk, over which the upper dress is looped. Broad sash of the silk, with long loops at the left side. The bodice is of black India silk, figured with delicate pink roses; it is round at the waist, and has fichu trimming, which opens at the neck. The sleeves are plain, but high at the shoulders. Large Leghorn hat, trimmed with black and pink ribbon and roses.

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