And For A Little Dior- The New Look

While our fashion focus leans towards the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, we appreciate fashion of all eras and often draw inspiration from them. Below is a short video of the The “Bar” suit that was developed by Christian Dior in 1948:

We were blessed being able to view this garment up close at the V&A Museum although not quite in the detail shown in the video 😁. Here’s a good view of one example of the the bar suit:

The one element that we found the most striking is the wasp-waist silhouette combined with the use of a voluminous amount of fabric for the skirt. Also, in many respects, the coat is reminiscent of an 1880s style bodice. It’s fascinating how style elements seemingly return on a periodic basis. 😁

Announcing Atelier Lily Absinthe On Etsy!!

Angus has given up his fabric and we’re happy to announce that Angus’ Attic is now Atelier Lily Absinthe! We’re still located on Etsy, but we’ll be offering a wider product mix over the course of the winter to also include various curated ready-to-wear items along with more fabrics and other historical fashion ephemera. And, as always, everything we advertise is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Below are just some of what we have on offer:






In Progress

One of our latest projects is a men’s smoking jacket. These were loose-fitting lounge jackets that were intended for wear at home, often while smoking (hence the name). Depending on cut, these were a looser-fitting version of the conventional sack coat (although often they looked more like glorified bathrobes). Below are a few progress pictures:

Sewing in the front pockets:

Finished exterior- front right piece.

Pad-stitching and taping the canvases on the left front piece:

And then the right front piece:

There’s definitely a lot of hand-stitching going on there. Just the pad stitching and taping alone took four days…but the end result will be worth it. Stay tuned for more! 😁

And For Some Lace Trim…

It’s no secret that I love antique lace but it’s wise to have sources of high quality modern reproduction lace as well! This is cotton thread embroidered on matte poly net…it really has the look and feel of antique early machine’d lace. This is a ten yard piece, hard to find!

Something New…

Another gorgeous length of silk, it’s not just a silk stripe, it has a nicest textured woven stripe for a little interest between all that sage green. I’m seeing a pretty 1880s bustle bodice/overskirt with enough left over for skirt bows.