Angus’ Attic

Adam and Angus are now selling lengths of silk, with weekly additions from our weekly trips to downtown LA. If you’re within twenty miles of me and on my friend list…I’ll deliver it personally (with Angus and Fiona along for the ride) and you can skip the delivery fee!). I’m the one choosing the silks, so check them out before I start claiming them for my studio. What’s different about what we’re doing? Unlike other “sellers” on other platforms, we actually purchase the silk ahead of time and it’s here at the house already. You’re also not buying from my personal stash (I’m keeping that!), these are just selections that I think are beautiful. Check us out at Angus’ Attic.


New At Angus’ Attic!! Fabrics!!

Today we’re featuring a variety of silk fabrics for sale that are just the thing for a new dresses, curtains, or other projects.  Here are just a few of the highlights, starting with this silk taffeta in a bronze, gold, and champagne textured stripes:

There are five yards available- Click HERE for more details. And next is more silk taffeta yardage in black, charcoal, and steel stripes:

This is available in one 4-yard and one 5-yard lots. Click HERE for more details. Now for something a little different, ruby changeable silk taffeta in a diamond-shaped pin-tuck pattern:

There is 8 yards of this fabric available- definitely enough for a dress. For more details, click HERE. Finally, there’s this silk woven pattern:

There is 10 yards available. For more details, click HERE. This is just a small sample of what we’ve got coming. Be sure to check us out at Angus’ Attic.


Modernless March

Day One of #modernlessmarch hosted by @pinsent_tailoring is: “What am I?”
I’ve been an Artist all my life, after I retired from being LA City Calligrapher, we jumped into Lily Absinthe full time. Our time is divided between our Woodland Hills house and our Victorian house in Tombstone, Arizona…and always with Angus and Fiona, our two fur peeps. Bringing old things to life is how I approach projects, old houses, old lace, old hats, old gowns, old sewing machines…they all need some love and a little magic. 🙂



At The Atelier- Design Creation, Part 5

In out last post, we completed construction on the canvases for the two front pieces of the Eton jacket and now it’s time to move on to completing the rest of it. As noted previously, this jacket pattern is one that we drafted utilizing a pattern drafting system developed by Charles Hecklinger in The Keystone Jacket and Dress Cutter.  So let’s move on…🙂

Turning to the sleeves, we note that these sleeves have near-90 degree elbow bends and curves which present some challenges for sewing. We found the most practical method to be to first sew and finish the inside seams first. Next, the outer seams are sewn up. We must emphasize that these require a high degree of clipping along the seam allowances and ironing in order to maintain smooth lines and preserve the shape. It’s a definitely more complicated than conventional straight sleeves.

And now, time to put together the lining:

We  decided  to use a moiré for the lining…

Above is the assembled back and side pieces…then the two fronts which combine the lining and facing fabrics:

And finally, assembling the outer layer:

And here’s the lining all assembled:

And finally the outer body:

We’re happy to say that all the pattern pieces fit together very nicely and only a minimum of adjustments were needed. It’s hanging very nicely on the mannequin and we look forward to finally putting the main body together. 🙂

(To be continued…)

And For The Bustled Look…

Day 25 of @ladyrebeccafashions #VictorianFebruary is: “I like big b*tts”…and this pretty little extant gown doesn’t disappoint in the rear view! She’s a pretty two toned 1870s day dress that is #2 on my patterning list, so get ready to see lots of interior images and a sample from her pattern draft. 🙂