And It’s On…The Holiday Tour Of Homes In Tombstone

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

Finally it’s on! After working late into the night setting things up and dealing with all manner of last-minute complications, we ready, set, and it’s a go! Believe it or not, Tombstone isn’t just a city with a famous gunfight, it’s also known for it’s wonderful Holiday Tour of Homes! This year will be the second year that our No. 11 is included in this lovely event. Once again, “The Dressmaker’s Cottage at #11” will be fully decorated for Christmas and will have extra surprises of antique machines, part of our antique clothing museum, some new period furniture pieces and a few sparkly things.

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

All ready for the holidays- don’t mind the modern trash can… ūüėČ

So, let’s a take a look inside…

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

And two new furniture pieces just recently re-upholstered.

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

Once of our fabulous ball gown/wedding dress creations c. 1878 – 1881. Yes, wedding dresses came in colors other than white!

Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

And Miss Molly presiding over everything…

As we process pictures, we’ll have more for your viewing pleasure, so stay tuned! ‚̧


No snow this year and the temperature was quite mild but we thought we’d include this anyway since it is the Christmas season.¬†

At No. 11 For The Holiday Tour Of Homes


We’re proud to once again be participating in the Tombstone’s¬†Holiday Tour of Homes¬†for the second year running. We’ve made some changes at No. 11 since last year to include some newly re-upholstered furniture and a different floor plan designed to show off No. 11 at it’s best. “The Dressmaker’s Cottage at #11” will be fully decorated for Christmas and will have extra surprises of antique machines, part of our antique clothing museum, and a few sparkly things. If you’re in the area (or plan to be) this Saturday, please enjoy this event, it’s for charity and there are so many wonderful homes and places of interest to see.¬†‚̧


Miss Molly Approves!

Off To Tombstone…

With Thanksgiving well behind us, it’s time to look forward to returning to Tombstone to prepare the house for the 4th Annual Tombstone Tour of Homes scheduled for December 2, 2017. Sponsored by Tombstone Forward, a group dedicated to marketing and promoting Tombstone as a destination and the home tour is¬† just one example. We’ve re-arranging furniture and have acquired some “new” pieces (or rather, re-upholstered some old ones ūüôā Stay tuned for more! ūüôā

Tombstone Historic Home Tour 2017


Happy Thanksgiving From Lily Absinthe!

Once again the holiday season is upon us in its full glory and we would like to pause a moment from our busy schedule to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. It’s been a trying year for us but there’s also a lot to be thankful for and most importantly, our friends and family. For us, the sewing machines and ironing board will be temporarily idle and we’ll be spending some time relaxing with friends and family. ūüôā

Adam & Karin

Image result for thanksgiving 1880s

Introducing The Camille

Since its introduction, our Camille dress design has been a major hit with our clients and has become one of the mainstays of our day dress line-up. The Camille is based on the Mid-Bustle Era styles that the Impressionist models would wear, primarily characterized by a fitted, narrow tied-back skirt that is swagged, pleated, and ruffled with fullness from the knees down. This style was also made popular by the famous actresses of the time such as Lilly Langtry and Sarah Bernhardt. What also makes this skirt more distinct is the custom bayleuse which is installed in each of our dresses which serve to create the distinct silhouette that characterized the late 1870s/early 1880s.

Camille Dress Elena

The Camille is a solid design that is suitable for a variety of occasions, both indoor and outdoor, and is available in a nearly endless combination of colors and fabrics. Below is one example that we recently made for a client:

Camille Dress Elena
With this dress, we’ve employed a blue color palette with a solid light blue foundation for the basic skirt and bodice sleeves and¬†¬†combined it with dark blue cuffs and lapels on bodice. Then, just to make things interesting, we also employed a¬†blue plaid¬†fabric for the bodice¬†body and swaged overskirt with pops of yellow. Finally, to complete the effect, we used a shirred white net to¬†cover the upper underskirt.

Here is a three-quarter view of the rear of the dress. The underskirt is covered with shirred white net from the top to mid way down, and then with three rows of pleating from mid way down to the hem.

Camille Dress Elena
Below is a closer look at the hem- three rows of¬†pleating…
Camille Dress Elena
Here are some more views of the dress details:

Camille Dress ElenaCamille Dress Elena

Now let’s take a look at some bodice details:

Camille Dress Elena

The bodice incorporates features reminiscent of 18th Century styles to include an inset of shirred white net framed by dark blue lapels or revers, creating a faux waistcoat appearance. The sleeves are three-quarter length ending in cuffs that match the lapels trimmed with three buttons. To finish it off, each sleeve has inset lace with silk ribbon trim.

Below is a close-up of the sleeve and cuff (before the lace was added). This is a good illustration of the color palette:

Camille Dress Elena

Overall, the effect is an interesting mix of plaid and solid-colored fabrics with a palette that harmonizes. The shirred front overskirt, knife pleats, and folds create an uneven texture that contrasts with the smoothness of the bodice and sleeves. The design was definitely a hit with our client and we look forward to creating more dresses in this style.