Adam’s Atelier – Where History Meets Fashion

For a more vintage look...

For a more vintage look…

Greetings & Wilkommen!

I’m Karin’s husband and I make up the other side of Lily Absinthe. By way of introduction, I have had an interest in history, and especially military history, that goes back to when I was a kid. My interest in “fashion” per se began with military uniforms and grew from there. While I am still fascinated with uniforms, I will spare inflicting this upon you since this blog is of a more decidedly civilian nature (however, if interested, I can point you in the right direction).

Here’s some basic background about me: I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago and an MA in History from California State University Northridge. After shaving served ix years in the Army/Army Reserve, I worked in a variety of fields to include teaching, workers’ compensation insurance claims management, publishing, and government along with a few side-trips in the entertainment industry.

One of the many jobs I wound up doing was working with a horse that a rider was having trouble with...ride 'em cowboy! :-)

One of the many jobs I wound up doing was working with a horse that a rider was having trouble with…ride ’em cowboy! 🙂

Yours truly, on the set of

Yours truly, on set…

More recently, my interests have turned more fashion and I am especially interested in that fashion history, the place where history and fashion come together (sometimes with spectacular results). History has always informed fashion and this is even more true today than ever before. While much of today’s fashion may seem to be outlandish to the average viewer, in many ways it reflects influences from all eras of history even going back to even Ancient Egypt (and even before).

In terms of Lily Absinthe, my role is that of producer-designer, which is another way of saying that I manage most of the business aspects as well as having a hand in designing. The world of fashion and especially that of the period from 1870 through roughly 1920 has always held special interest for me and I am forever amazed as the creations that were devised for men and especially women.

Because of the limitations of WordPress, I regret that at present, this is a more static version than what I would like so I will be integrating my comments with Karin’s main blog. I look forward to being here more often in the future.

Below are a few pictures and commentary to get things going:

I have always been interested in cavalry and the First World War, so I have combined them in the pictures below. Besides helping Karin, I also participate in living history recreations of the period.

Adam_Late War2

Uniform of an enlisted man, 2 Chevauleger Regiment (Bavarian), German c. 1916-18.


This is me and my horse Max. Yes, I also own a horse (aka hayburner).


Another view. In these two pictures I portraying a US Cavalryman c. 1916-17.

OK, enough military, now for some civilian and in particular, the Old West.


Council Rock, Dragoon Mountains, Southeastern Arizona.


Here I am hanging out with some of the models…. 🙂

A night out on the town… 🙂