Chartreuse For The Summer…

Chartreuse has always been one of our favorite colors and especially during the spring and summer. This is a dress that I made for myself awhile back and it’s still one of my favorites. 🙂


Life At The Atelier….

When they come in to fetch me, it’s supper time. Loosely translated: “Drop everything and fix us food.” 🙄

Don’t blame me if your dinner has loose threads in it, guys! It’s been a long day of stitching.

Working With An Original…

There are some issues that no restoration can cure. Today, this lady gets photographed for the last time, the silk satin of the skirt is shattering and I want to preserve as much of the embroidery and beadwork as possible.

Something From The Collection…

Check out how this 1898 British designer chose to conceal the hand worked eyelets…I am currently lifting a pattern and taking notes from this beauty in our collection.

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