Inspiration From Art…

More pictures coming, this dress was inspired by my love of Monet’s water lily paintings. Hand painted and gilded flowers and leaves, dyed to match English net, silk taffeta, and one of my antique suites of bridal lace…the bayleuse ( under petticoat train ruffles) are all in a gorgeous vintage watery satin. A good day.♡

And Still More In The Works…

Antique lace and silk ribbon 🎀 How I wish our modern lingerie was this detailed!

Some Unseen Friends At No. 11

Believe what you want, but there are others who live here that we don’t see. Sometimes they play pranks on us, make noises, but it’s nothing awfuI. I think we may have shocked them by bringing Fiona (she’s a force!) but Angus has been snuggling, chatting, and sharing his toys with one of them. Think I’m all woowoo crazy? Spend a night here alone and get back to me. 😆

Fresh From No. 11!

Vintage silk brocade corset with antique lace and silk garters, shown on my s-bend dress form in the violet “Ooh La La Parlor” in our Victorian house in Old West Tombstone…we have client fittings at both our LA and AZ studios, so plan a trip to Tombstone and get fitted for your next gown and corset! 🎀

We Tried…

Oh well, we tried to go to town today, we really tried. Next trip in mid-June, so we can bring out the final load of furniture. And more sewing machines…:-)