And Now For Some Parasols…

It’s Parasol Restoring Day in the atelier, these three are special, the wooden ones unscrew and fold for storage or travel, and the gold handled one unhooked and it’s ferrule unscrews and folds down. One will be done in a stripey silk, the gold one will have a lilac silk canopy that shows off the original black lace cover. The fun begins…..NOW!

Purple Pleat Magic Redux

Some wisdom pearls need repeating… 🙂

Purple Dress Pleats1 Karin

Behold the power of a pleat! It’s not the fold itself, it’s…the understitching. When a pleated ruche is placed in directions that defy gravity, understitching is required. Invisible handwork like this requires me to use a darning needle for (long and thin) so I can sit on the floor with the hem closer to my eye level. For me, using this technique allows me to tack each pleated corner so it stays in place. Why so particular? These diagonal ones in the front will take the brunt of walking, but the piped longer ones on the skirt back and train will flutter, because their hem is free.  🙂