Hollywood Fabric De-Stash!!!!

Filming at night…and I’d already been working for 14 hours by this time.

Recently, we’ve been thinning out our fabric stash and that means we’re offering it up for sale! These are fabrics that we originally bought for the various productions we’ve worked on over the years and wound up with all sorts of odd bits of yardage. Well, it’s time to move on so we’ll be offering all of it up for sale. Below is just the beginning! Check out our Etsy Store!

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Gilded Age Patterns!

Looking for patterns for the Gilded Age? We have them! 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, and 1900s- check it out at Atelier Lily Absinthe!!!

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18th Century Pattern Sale!!!

Check out our latest sale- 18th Century patterns – at our Etsy Store! Here’s just a few of our offerings:

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Regency Era Pattern Sale!!

With all the Regency Era-themed events happening these days, now’s the time to get that Regency dress and we can help! We’re currently running a 15% off pattern sale at our Etsy store: Etsy Store! Here’s just a few of our offerings:

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Some Gilded Age Inspiration

HBO’s new series The Gilded Age has been on our minds lately, especially since it’s returning for a second season,  and this circa 1880-1882 dinner dress captures that feeling for us:

Dinner Dress, c. 1880-1882; Metropolitan Museum of Art (C.I.63.23.2)

In terms of general style, this is almost identical to our gold brocade & blush pink dress shown above and it only shows that the dividing line between “evening dress” and “dinner dress” or “reception dress” is pretty thin. Of course, the dress could have simply been mislabeled (it happens more than one would think) but still…in the end, it can be pretty subjective and we by no means profess to have the answers, it is though-provoking.

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