Saying Yes To The Dress…That Fits

Wedding Gown

We’re great fans of the show “Say Yes to the Dress” for both professional and personal reasons and never does an episode pass by where Adam and I debate the merits of the various dress styles (and sometimes that debate can become quite heated 🙂 ). In watching this show (and others like it) is the constant phenomena of the bride selecting a dress, getting fitted, and then returning sometime later (usually several months) and it doesn’t seem to “fit right.”

Most wedding gowns are actually ready made, following sizes that are standard in the garment industry. When the prospective bride settles on a particular dress, unless her body type is a perfect match for the standard size (which almost never happens), there’s going to be areas that are either too tight or too loose- typically in the neckline, bust, armholes, sleeves and hips. At this point, the areas that need alteration are marked and the dress sent out for alteration. For the most part, the system works and excellent results are achieved (in most cases).

However, problems can arise when there is an extreme change in size and especially when it involves a change of one or more dress sizes. This may seem like an easy fix- take in or open up a seam or two, add some fabric, and voila, you’re done! Well…not really. First and foremost, dresses (like clothing in general) are three-dimensional objects and as such have various curves and angles that do not always scale well (which is why grading is more an art form than science). To make large-scale alterations, it is necessary to change the dress’s basic proportions and that in turn can require major reworking of the basic dress pieces. In extreme cases, this can require the dress to be re-patterned and new fabric cut out. In short, make a new dress. Needless to say, this is not a good situation that both costs extra money and eats up time.

To avoid this situation, after the initial fitting, we also schedule a client for at least two fittings in the course of constructing the dress so that we can identify fit issues and resolve them early on. It’s not always 100% effective but in most situations it works out to everyone’s satisfaction. In our view, it’s essential that the client and the designer are in clear agreement over specific requirements and expectations prior to work commencing as well as important, maintaining two-way communication throughout the entire process. Here at Lilly Absinthe, we strive to meet and exceed the client’s expectations and we look forward to creating that one-of-a-kind special dress for you. 🙂

Roubina Wedding Gown


Time To Head Out…

Well, once again it’s time to head home- the unseasonably hot weather in LA has tapered off (somewhat) and the La Tuna fire appears to be well under control so hopefully things will calm down for a bit- after all, we have important work to do here. 🙂

Image result for on the road 1880s

Back to the relative coolness of the coast…

But never fear, we’ll be back soon for the Third Annual Territorial Days event and it promises to be fun and exciting. It’s funny how we manage to spend more time in Tombstone in the month of September than in all the other months combined. 🙂 Anyway, stay tuned for more.

Summer Cleaning At No. 11

Work is proceeding with getting No. 11 up to snuff (and all the Christmas decorations put away. It’s been a rough year but we’re forging ahead. 🙂

Tombstone House2

First, some new deer-proof plants for the front of the house…

Tombstone House1

Gathering cleaning supplies under the watchful eye of Molly…

Tombstone House3

Then to wash and dry some laundry…

Molly1 Tombstone

And then to take a break…

See you all down the trail!

Off To No. 11…


It’s Labor Day weekend and we’re on the road to No. 11 again for a long-awaited break from the rush-rush of LA. We’ve been pretty busy lately as we wrap up the remodeling on the La Crescenta house and get it ready to put on the market. In the meantime, we’ve been working on some new Fall designs and catching up on our fashion reading, especially in the world of millinery. 🙂

We also want to put in a plug for the upcoming Third Annual Tombstone Territorial Days event in Tombstone which is scheduled for September 16-17, 2017. This event commemorates Arizona’s history and there will be a variety of events going on to include a ball on the evening of September 16- naturally, we will be in attendance! More details to follow… 🙂