And We’re Back…

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After a hectic weekend at No. 11, we’re back in LA catching up on things. Angus is happy that the long car ride is over and he’s rolling around on his Mid Century white shag carpeting. In the meantime, we’re getting organized for summer although the gloomy cool weather would seem to suggest otherwise… 🙂 Anyway, stay tuned for more in the near future!


Time For Some Eastlake Furniture…

Eastlake Furniture Couch Tombstone

Our Eastlake settee and chair were delivered from Mike R. Benjamin today…I had to bring him silk velvet, and to all of you who sew, you know how difficult it can be to work with. Now I really don’t want to go into town, I just want to stay here and sink into these. ♡

Angus Tombstone

Angust giving the couch a try…

Angus Tombstone

Yep, Angus approves…but he’s not trying to let on that he’s really enjoying it.