Morning, Clockwork Alchemy Day 2

Day Two begins…As a guest of honor here at Clockwork Alchemy, I get to dress several models for the fashion show tomorrow!! As a special treat, I met with Shurie Southcott of Lady Bird Hatberdashery to coordinate all the hats and headdresses for each suit, and she truly brought her Creative A Game! She and I have collaborated before on successful projects, so today should be a visual treat. *Excited! There will be pictures.


Morning, Clockwork Alchemy Day 1

Things are starting off slowly as we get settled in and try to bring order to the wardrobe that we’ve brought with us. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have to travel halfway around the world by plane carrying all this stuff. 🙂 The fashion show at Clockwork Alchemy begins at 1 pm tomorrow, Saturday and we have six models we have to get prepped so it’s the calm before the storm now. More coming soon!

Just one of the three carts we had loaded with gowns and accessories…

Heading North…It’s Going To Be Colorful…

Traveling light is for wusses! They have the most amazing luggage cart here…I filled this hotel closet and all those corsets (and Angus!) in one trip. Let the fittings begin 🙂 It’s an explosion of color and just in time for spring and Clockwork Alchemy 2019.  Stay tuned for more! 🙂

And of course Angus, our creative consultant, has his favorites….