A Little Tea & Scandal At No. 11

AA little holiday tea and scandal with my friend Arlene at No. 11.  😉


The Spirit Of Christmas Past In Tombstone

This is from 2017, I think. This was my Molly girl’s last year with us, she loved the Holiday Tours.



A Few More From Tombstone For The Holidays

And to follow up on a previous post, here’s a few more pictures from Tombstone from a previous Tombstone Historic Home Tour. 🙂

Putting the final touches on a dress… 🙂




Looking Back: The Tombstone Historic Home Tour

This year has been very disruptive to all that we do due to the COIVD situation and one more casualty has been  the Tombstone Historic Home Tour. Intended as a way to show off Tombstone’s 1880s heritage, the Tombstone Historic Home Tour opened a number of period homes to the public and we have participated for a number of years. It’s a great excuse to dress up and show off some of our more interesting vintage sewing items to include some of our sewing machines. While we regret the event having been cancelled (a wise choice in our opinion), we look foward to being able to continue the tradition in the future. Below are a few pictures from past home tours:



Footwear For The Season: The American Duchess Camille

My latest obsession to go with all my 1890s suits are the stunning boots from American Duchess: the “Camille”…these are so gorgeous, I plan on wearing them with *gasp* my “modern” outfits! Don’t miss out on these, I wanted the wine velvet, but the black velvet ones are just as beautiful…Lauren and Abby (the designers) are geniuses. Trust me…You Want These Boots!

This is Bonnie Prince Angus and I at our home in Tombstone for the Home Tours, I couldn’t resist showing off my boots to anyone who asked …check out the link, there’s still time to get them for Christmas. <3