And For A Little Fun…


Part of the fun of having an historic home is being able to dress up a bit so here are a few pictures from the Holiday Tour of Homes:

For Karin, the first step after getting dressed was to get the obligatory “selfie”… 🙂


And here we are in our finery awaiting our guests…


And naturally there are those last-minute adjustments to be made so that everything is just right. Msr. Poiret would be proud. 🙂


And of course, I had to take the opportunity to demonstrate the finer points of arranging the bridal veil…


And now we await our guests with the assistance of our greeter Molly…


Stay tuned for more! 🙂

And It’s Showtime!


It was a long day for us in Tombstone working the Holiday Tour of Homes– setting up displays and acting as docents describing the history of our house and describing our business. When we were asked if we would consent to having No. 11 added to the annual tour, we leapt at the opportunity- we’ve always enjoyed decorating for the holidays and it gave us a natural opportunity to show off the No. 11 a bit and at the same time showcase some of our bridal designs.

Those of you who have already been following out blog already know this, but for those of you just joining us, we’re here to say that been a very grueling past five days as we loaded up the truck with various holiday decorations, dresses, and display mannequins and headed out to Arizona. Once we arrived, the work of setting up the displays began and we only completed the final touches minutes before the tour began. Deadlines- No problem! 🙂


The Terriers Take It All In…

Along with the displays, we also dressed up in attire appropriate to the late 19th Century and in particular, 1898 when Tombstone began to economically revive (albeit slowly) as new mining ventures were undertaken- the wild days of the Earps and the Clantons were long gone, now mining was big business with no room for nonsense. As part of this revival (aka “The Second Boom”), the economy of the town began to revive on a more modest level and that ultimately led to the construction of No. 11, along with the other two houses on our block.


Setting Up…

For the house, we opted to decorate in somewhat non-traditional colors (or at least what people perceive to be “traditional” colors which are really more appropriate for the 1940s), avoiding the stereotypical dark greens and reds as much as possible. Our reasoning is that we wanted something a bit more in keeping with the Southwestern location of Tombstone and exploring colorways that were common for the late 1890s/early 1900s to include shades of chartreuse, white, gold, silver, and copper. This was an admittedly a subjective decision on our part but we felt that it worked better with the house’s basic color scheme.

And voila! Stay tuned for more…


And We’re Off To No. 11

And we’re off to No. 11…truck completely filled with various dresses and Christmas decorations. Of course, the Terriers are also comping along so they’ll be in their custom travelling crate. 🙂 We will be busy for the next few days getting the house prepared for the Holiday Tour of Homes but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re in the area (or plan to be) please enjoy this event, it’s for charity and there are so many wonderful homes and places of interest to see. ❤