Getting Ready For The Ball…

My girly heart is full because of my pretty salmon silk shoes. ♡

The Anastasia Gown – Perfect For A Ball Or Wedding!.


So no new gown tonight for me…but at least I can wear one of our company’s latest designs. The SDI Victorian Ball is tonight, we’ve been looking forward to this since December! 🙂

Featured is our “Anastasia” gown- an unforgettable confection of pleated poetry, perfect for your wedding or a ball. ♡

At The Ball…

Iwas finally able to finish and show off our new “Anastasia” gown model and Adam wore his new custom set of formal tails at the Social Daunce Irregulars 2017 Holiday Grand Ball. A lovely time was spent visiting with friends, then we snuck home early to enjoy a late night supper- a lovely evening! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the evening. First, we start with the obligatory “selfie”… 🙂


And now the two of us…



And another close-up of me and the Anastasia dress:


And Adam: