What’s On

The bodice is still pinned together, and I’m considering offering two different necklines, one could be worn with a guimpe…and there’s a different sleeve style for the tailored version. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Close-up of the front.

Applying the lace.

View of the hem with a gold-colored petticoat peeking out from below.



Bridal In Progress

Bridal gowns are my happiest of client work! Most of my detail work is done by hand…truly made with love. 🙂


Feeling Blue (In A Good Way)

Pulling out this jewel-toned turquoise silk ballgown for a bit of updating…it’s amazing how color can affect a mood, I’m always happy when I’m wearing shades of blue. What colors give you a lift?


A Little Sneak Preview…

What’s prettier than a colored silk petticoat? Showing it off! Hmmm, just a peek… 🙂



Working With Netting…

Antique net is being used as an overlay for an Edwardian waist, now I get to hand tack all those designs in place so it doesn’t shift!