A Little Sneak Preview…

What’s prettier than a colored silk petticoat? Showing it off! Hmmm, just a peek… 🙂



Ruffles, Ruffles…

Ruffles, ruffles…inside and out. They make my girly heart beat faster. 🙂



Something Edwardian At The Atelier

Whatever I’m doing, Fiona wants to be involved. BTW Angus is sleeping at my feet.   🙂

And Some Petticoats

Even in the heart of winter, my girly heart craves embroidered sheers over colored petticoats…this yellow one gives this dress a kiss of sunshine 🌞

We have a variety of designs and fabrics available for petticoats and you can find out more by contacting us HERE.



And More Corsetry…

The lustre of silk ribbon is luscious, it also tends to not fray when cut on the bias. Ribbon candy loveliness. One of these could be yours…we have a wide variety of fabrics and colors. For more details, please contact us HERE. ♡