Recent Developments In Mantle Design

Finding optimal mantle designs requires the right combination of fit and style, something that’s not always easy to achieve. Below is a prototype of a mantle based on a pattern that was drafted from an original 1880s mantle. The original mantle was fairly small so we scaled it up for a size 44 bust, a process complicated by the fact that the sleeves are actually set into the side/front and side/read seams rather than simply attaching to the armscye like a conventional sleeve.


The back is fairly roomy and can accommodate smaller bustles.

The under sleeves form “wings” that extend from the side seams.

The lining- the sleeves are lines separately before installation into the outside fashion fabric shell. The remainder of the lining is formed into a shell that’s like the outer shell only it has no sleeves.

To give structure and shape to the lapels, there’s an underlayer of Hymo canvas interfacing and the roll lines are reinforced with twill tape. Here’s the original toille:

The front is fairly roomy, allowing enough room to create lapels. If lapels are not desired, the front can be trimmed back. Also, a wide variety of collar styles can also be added- it’s all a matter of personal preference.

The sleeve caps have some ease.

The winged sleeves. We’ll be posting some more pictures of the sleeve details in future posts.

Getting Ready For Helldorado…

We’ve had a busy year, so I may…or may not be able to finish my new blue gown for “Helldorado” weekend in Tombstone. I’ve been busy with corset orders, and making new samples, then you may have heard that there were fires in the LA area this week. Sigh…busy. Last year for Helldorado, we had one of the heaviest hail and lightning storms on record for the area! Is it Old West Climate Change…or is Tombstone truly a haunted place? It sure feels like it sometimes…See you on Allen Street, as we go East…to be in The West. 🙂