Something New For Me

I finally got to make something for myself and use things I’ve been saving for way too long…I’m hoping to get some use of this cape before Spring arrives! 😄

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Pattern Review – 1890s Cape by Wearing History

In this video, we review the Victorian 1890s 1899 Ponderosa Cape Pattern- Reversible with Hood and Pockets by Wearing History. This is available for download as a PDF Sewing Pattern and very easy to download and put together.

For our Patrons, we will be releasing more detailed content to include details as to the specific fabrics and trims used, construction techniques, and the design choice that we made bringing this project to life. We highly recommend this pattern and you can get your copy HERE.

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And For Some More 1890s Outerwear

I‘s been especially cold lately in Southern California and once again, thoughts turn to outerwear…😄

Even in Southern California (and Southern Arizona, for that matter), December can get cold and when it does, our thoughts rapidly turn to outerwear.  🙂 Today we turn to the December 1890 issue of Demorest’s Family Magazine:

Decidedly the most popular outdoor garment this season is the jacket, which is worn by ladies of all ages, whether of petite or portly figure. All styles agree in having the fitted back, differing only in the use or omission of plaits or lap at the side-form and back seams, and the majority have tight-fitting fronts, either single or double-breasted, the loose fronted “Reefer,” and the open, rolling fronts displaying a vest, being the exceptions.

Here’s some examples of styles pictured in Demorest’s:

One of the more interesting and eminently practical is the “Reefer” Jacket:

Here’s another view of the jacket style as part of a complete outfit from the December issue of Peterson’s Magazine:

Finally, just to round things off here are some pictures of extant originals:

Jacket, c. 1891; Auction in

Skirt Suit Jacket, c. 1895; Victoria & Albert Museum (T.173&A-1969)

Afternoon Jacket, Emile Pingat, c. 1885 – 1890; Metropolitan Museum of Art (2009.300.76)

Jackets were an integral part of any wardrobe of the period, ranging from the purely functional to the extremely fashionable, and there’s a wide range of possibilities for those recreating historical fashions.