Tea Gowns & Travel

It nearly two weeks ago that we were enjoying some Victorian time with friends, it now seems like a dream! Travel is complicated, but such a blessing. Can’t wait for more travel…it’s in the works. ❀



Returning to the drawing room after the ball in something casual…you know, like a tea gown. Scandalous…πŸ˜„

Tea At No. 11 😁

There is less scandal in the saloons than whispered in our violet temple of teacups. I think we need to bring back the tea gown tradition, especially in Tombstone…because not all history happened in a bar! 😁 This gown is more formal, like for entertaining guests. Our next project will be for more casual, less corseted moments. No regrets with this project, though! I’m considering hosting a tea at #11 for when we return in late October.



Paris Gowns Sold From The Backs Of Wagons…πŸ˜„

“Paris gowns sold from the backs of wagons”…the best line from my favorite movie. Can you guess which one? I brought back this silk from Montmartre, when @adamlid1 and I saw it, we both said: “Tea Gown!”Β  😎


Tea Gowns & No. 11

Were slowly recovering from the drive back from Arizona…tubs and bags everywhere…Labor Day Weekend at No. 11 is always hectic and this one was a bit more since we were struggling to finish installation of the new curtains in the parlor as well as completing the final touches on the tea gown. It was close but we finally got it all done and managed to get some nice pictures before we had to head back to LA.Β  😎

Overall, the tea gown project was a great success and it actually went smoother than I initially expected- it was still a lot of work but there weren’t any issues that needed to be resolved along the way. The best part about this project is that it’s patterned off of several originals in our collection, utilizing unique fabrics that we’ve found on our various journeys through Europe that replicate those found during the 1880s and 90s. We’re definitely pleased with the result and we’re looking forward to working up further tea gown designs in the future. 😎