Happy Holidays!!!

From a few years back… 😎

We at Lily Absinthe would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Visiting absent friends is the best way to celebrate #allhallowseve, especially in Tombstone!


Le 14 juillet!

We call it “Bastille Day” but to the French, it’s La Fête Nationale Française and we want to acknowledge the day and we’re looking forward to being able to return to France. 🙂


Happy July 4th!

Lilly Absinthe would like to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July Holiday!


And because we can’t resist, once again we feature just the perfect perfect dress for the occasion: 🙂

Reception Dress 1880 - 1882

Reception Dress, c. 1880 – 1882; Manchester Art Gallery

Going Back To No. 11

Going back after the 4th…yay!