Product Endorsement Day!

Product endorsement day…I may have just found my new antique lace restoration magic. Today, I’m being brave and soaking some of my priceless figured lace pieces in “Retro Wash” in the kitchen sink (they’ll go sit in a bath of “Retro Clean” after this). First picture, swishing lace in warm water. NO smell, slightly oily soapy feel.

Second picture five minutes later, I’m holding the lace aside so you can see the rust and age stuff from the lace…this is after FIVE minutes.

Third picture, fifteen minutes later…check out how beautiful and “oyster white”( to me that’s the name for the perfect white) this tambour lace net collar is!

Friends, this is the “Wash” portion of the process…I am looking forward to the “Clean” one. I’m planning on a prolonged soak (depends on how long it takes, could be a few days) but I’ll post pictures. So far…recommended!!

Another Corset In The Works…

Nearly finished with this Nile green silk corset, Ref S from Atelier Sylphe
Pictures when it’s flossed and I get the nerve to wear it for the camera! ♡

And For A Little Corsetry…

Pretty details and antique lace from Elizabeth Emerson Designs make my heart beat faster. Single layer satin coutil corset (custom dyed) with silk duchess channels and silk twist flossing in the longer late century style.♡


What’s On In Corsetry…

Single layer custom dyed satin coutil with silk duchesse channels and silk flossing combined with beautiful black antique lace from Elizabeth Emerson. I love the look of the mid to late 1890s.♡

In The Works…

Busy building the frilliest of frillies and underpinnings, because plain old cotton just won’t do.