Wrapping Out…Finally!

People associate movie costuming with Hollywood glamor and glitz but the reality is VERY different! 😁 😆 Although the production wrapped in November, it’s only now that we’ve been able to get all the wardrobe sorted out and put back where it belongs. Holidays are definitely over… 😁 😆

The reality…

The film…

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The Latest Fabric Safari – Update From Downtown LA

We shopped, we lunched, we got home by 12:30. For those who are coming out next week for a particular Costume Conference, and are looking to go to DTLA’s Fabric District, here’s my two cents on what’s happening there so you can manage your expectations and your shopping list!

The silk stores on Wall street that sell the same silks that we all use/have used/still hoarding are still carrying them, and I noticed that the prices have come down $10 a yard from last month. So all the fancy satin/taffeta stripes are now in the $40-25 range, the plainer stripes are in the $30-20 range. Silk solids are still in the $40-30 range, solid dupionis are $12, but limited. No black silk anything. Everything else has gone up a bit in price. Don’t listen to overpriced live IG fabric dealers who insist that everything is “rare” and “selling out”. Everything appears to be “normal” (pre-pandemic) pricing and quantity, and in my opinion, will go down even more in price at the end of summer.

There’s a few new trim and lace stores directly across from “Perial” on Maple (south of 9th) and they’re well-stocked, clean, and organized. Recommended. I forget the names, but you shouldn’t have issues finding them. Adam didn’t let me buy anything, but I’ll be back! Great prices.

I’ve heard that Bohemian Crystal is moving to Orange County, so get your jewelry bits now. There’s other new stores around it that will fill in that need when they leave, and most of us shop for that sort of thing online. Thanks, Pandemic. I passed by Michael Levine’s, didn’t stop, wasn’t impressed, I’ve moved on. Don’t forget FIDM! You’ll have to move the car, so save that for when you’re done shopping. Bring $5 cash for parking.

We all have favorite stores DTLA, but don’t forget to stop by Mood if you have more cash to spend. Bring tissues for tears when you find something unaffordable and Adam says: “NO”.

If you need silk solids, your best bet is Silk Baron or online at Renaissance Fabrics, both places have a great color range. The solids I saw DTLA are all mostly in that same Home Dec color palette that I’m weary of. There’s a few small vendors who have better colors, but you have to search and (for me), Time is Money. I’m excited to meet up with a few friends who are attending, but except for one dress up day to the dealer’s room, I’ll be here sewing and swimming. Not at the same time. 😁