Pattern Review – 1890s Cape by Wearing History

In this video, we review the Victorian 1890s 1899 Ponderosa Cape Pattern- Reversible with Hood and Pockets by Wearing History. This is available for download as a PDF Sewing Pattern and very easy to download and put together.

For our Patrons, we will be releasing more detailed content to include details as to the specific fabrics and trims used, construction techniques, and the design choice that we made bringing this project to life. We highly recommend this pattern and you can get your copy HERE.

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Textiles for Victorian & Edwardian Clothing: 1880-1920

Here’s another delightful book for any serious student of late 19th Century fashion- “Textiles for Victorian and Edwardian Clothing: 1880-1920” by Diane L. Fagen Affleck & Karen J. Herbaugh. Long out of print, this book provides an excellent overview of fabrics from 1880 to 1920, complete with fabric swatches!

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