Getting Ready For Bath…


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With our upcoming trip to Bath, England, we’ve been doing a little research on what to see et al. Naturally, museums are at the top of our list and in particular, the Fashion Museum Bath.  One of the more interesting items in their collection is an evening dress that was originally made by Worth in 1902 – 1903 for Lady Mary Curzon, who was the Vicereine of India at the time. As the wife of the Viceroy of India, Lady Curzon was in a high profile position that required her to look her best at all times and this dress was just one of a large wardrobe that she had:

Ball Gown Evening Dress Worth c. 1902 Lady Mary Curzon

Worth, Evening Dress, c. 1902; Fashion Museum Bath

We’re looking forward to seeing this, along with the rest of the collection, when we visit Bath in April. 🙂

End Of The Year…Goodbye 2017

Cafe 1887

Robert Koehler, At The Cafe, 1887

The days between Christmas and the New Year’s have always been a favorite with us as we wind down the year and think about everything we’ve achieved in the past year and what we hope to accomplish in the new year. Lily Absinthe continues to grow as we constantly strive to incorporate new ideas and improve upon older ones. For 2018, we commit ourselves once again to striving to be the best at what we do and we look forward to serving you. 🙂


Introducing Angus!

Life has a way of working in unexpected ways and this Christmas is no exception. Somewhat unexpectedly, we wound up adopting Angus, a male 7-month year old Jack Russell Terrier. With Mac’s passing earlier this year, we hesitated looking for another companion for Molly, telling ourselves that the right one would come along and not to rush things. Two days before Christmas as Karin was going to the grocery store for some last-minute items for Christmas Day, she spotted a display by a dog rescue organization and well, the deed was done and Little Angus came home. So, here’s  Angus!


Angus is still figuring out where he fits in the Atelier but rest assured, he’ll have his own bed and soon he’ll be helping out. 🙂


The “Free”…

I love my Singers, but there’s a little known American machine company that was called: “The Free”. It’s my “fun” machine that I use when I want to just treadle and have fun with antiques. It has a unique mechanical movement (called a “rotoscillo” style) and the Art Nouveau decals graphics appeal to me. This sad little lady came from ebay, was just thrown in a box and shipped to me with a dented oil pan and some other issues. I cleaned her up a bit and she’s ready to rock and roll in my treadle at the Tombstone house…and um, now there will be three of this brand there. I can stop collecting unique machines at any time, no–really, I can. (I just don’t want to 🙂 )

Free Sewing Machine1 Vintage

Free Sewing Machine2 Vintage

Dressing The Seasons In Tombstone

We’ve been focusing a bit on color lately and while it may seem a bit excessive, we believe that color is one of the most critical elements in design and thus worthy of constant consideration. In a previous post, we used an example drawn on Spring colors and as a contrast, we’re now presenting some Fall colors as with my 1897 day dress:

Karin Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

For color, we have the following palette:

Color Palette_Fall1

Here we see a palette with deep color shades of red, brown, and green combined with two neutral colors, black and white.

As for the outfit I’m wearing, it’s late 1890s suit, constructed from a pattern originally published in an 1897 issue of the Delineator. The bodice/jacket is characterized by a short-rise lower profile sleeve cap and narrow lower sleeves. The skirt is a gently curved skirt, constructed with narrow gores. The skirt fabric is an 1890s vintage, new-old stock, silk-wool blend and is almost as light as air (trust me, it’s not heavy at all!).

Here are some more views inside our No. 11 (note the newly upholstered couch in a bright blue jewel tone 🙂 ):

Karin Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

Karin Historic House Tour Tombstone 2017

And just for fun, here’s a color palette based on the above picture:

Color Palette_Fall2

As you can see, color is an important element and it’s always foremost when we create our designs.