Tombstone Atelier Makeover…

Big changes for No. 11 coming soon, now that we have that fancy-schmancy shed in the back finished, that is painted to match our new exterior colors…so now you know the house will be leaf green, darker green, butter gold, and plum. I told you I’m not afraid of strong colors, and Victorians weren’t, either! These shades are all matched to original 1880s ones from original vendors, just in case you thought that in the olden days everything was sepia-toned…you know, like old photography. 🤪

I’ll be back in town next week again, with a load of furniture and pack up the last of the back rooms so the construction can begin. Excited. Bringing more sewing machines, too!

Our silk velvet Eastlake set that was so beautifully restored by Mike R. Benjamin of Miner Mike’s Upholstery is the reason why the main room’s walls are NOT plum! I decided to go with deep ocean colors, just to set them off.


It’s not an apartment, it’s a shed! I’m also bringing out my old vintage wicker furniture from LA for this front porch.Its so cute, and now we can begin on deciding what we’ll do with the back yard. Um, eventually. The house comes first!

Back From Tombstone…

And we’re back! After braving the horrible traffic coming back from Arizona, we’re happy to have arrived back in LA and ready to move on with some new projects. Overall, Tombstone was a good experience although we were rapidly reminded why we gave up selling at outdoor events ( tents and high winds are no fun). For this event, we brought out our pavilion tent and we were able to set up quite nicely, along with some friends of ours who were also selling various items. Here are a few views of our set-up:

We brought out a selection from our Day Lily line along with corsets, hats, and umbrellas/parasols.

And, of course, we couldn’t leave Angus out of the action and he enjoyed all the new smells and meeting lots of people.

Angus wants to know when we’re heading home…

In spite of the challenges from the elements, we had a good time and we met a lot of nice people. Even better was finally being able to meet people in person who have been following us on social media. 🙂 We hope to do this again in the future but in the meantime, if you see a Day Lily dress or something else that you’re interested in, do not hesitate to contact us. See you down the trail! 🙂