Looking Forward…

One pistachio macaron from Cafe Paul is the first thing on my list for next week, along with a proper fish and chips…😄 We’re in high gear getting ready to head back to the UK and it’s getting crazy busy here at the atelier.



And More At The Atelier…

The portrait doesn’t show her hem, so I made something up…today is bodice construction day! Five days to finish everything so I’m not sewing on the plane.
Um, like I usually do. Yes, it’s off to London! 😄

And here’s a full version of the portrait- Louise Jopling by John Everett Millais which was painted in 1879:

John Everett Millais, Portrait of Louise Jopling, 1879; National Portrait Gallery

And lady herself, Louise Jopling:

Meanwhile At The Atelier…

Finishing skirts as Fiona is side-eye judging me.


Two Corsets – Two Days

Two corsets in two days, now for the finishing work and flossing!
A little tired. 😎



At The Atelier

A ballgown isn’t finished until it’s been Corgi-kissed. Fiona does her best to help.