Returning to the drawing room after the ball in something casual…you know, like a tea gown. Scandalous…😄

Finishing Up

Did I finish? Kind of. There’s a little handwork in my future, but not too bad. Why break tradition? It’s not an event without a little sewing drama. I’ll be packed in the am.😄




And More At The Atelier…

The portrait doesn’t show her hem, so I made something up…today is bodice construction day! Five days to finish everything so I’m not sewing on the plane.
Um, like I usually do. Yes, it’s off to London! 😄

And here’s a full version of the portrait- Louise Jopling by John Everett Millais which was painted in 1879:

John Everett Millais, Portrait of Louise Jopling, 1879; National Portrait Gallery

And lady herself, Louise Jopling:

Meanwhile At The Atelier…

Finishing skirts as Fiona is side-eye judging me.


Two Corsets – Two Days

Two corsets in two days, now for the finishing work and flossing!
A little tired. 😎