And For Some Dress Inspiration From c. 1903

Looking for early 1900s day dresses but not the lingerie dress style? Well, here’s an interesting alternative from circa 1903:

Day Dress, c. 1903; FIDM Museum (79.25.12A-C)

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of detail on specific dress materials, except to say that silk is one of the materials, so short of a physical inspection, it’s somewhat speculation on our part but it’s probable that the fashion fabric is either a silk print or has woven stripes. Velvet is also indicated as another material and more likely present in the trim running along the bottom and middle hems, bodice front, and collar. Finally, lace is also indicated and that’s pretty obvious looking at the middle hem, shoulders, and collar.  Stripes have often been used as a dramatic style element and when used judiciously, they can take an otherwise average dress and make it into something fantastic as with the day dress.

The side profile really shows up the “pouter pigeon” look created by the S-Bend corset.

The train nicely shows off the vertical stiped effect. Daywear styles in the 1900-1905 time frame were dominated by lingerie/lingerie style dresses and this is what tends to stick in people’s minds when considering this period. The above dress stands out as a major exception and certainly provides some food for thought. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Another Corset In The Works…

Nearly finished with this Nile green silk corset, Ref S from Atelier Sylphe
Pictures when it’s flossed and I get the nerve to wear it for the camera! ♡

And For A Little Corsetry…

Pretty details and antique lace from Elizabeth Emerson Designs make my heart beat faster. Single layer satin coutil corset (custom dyed) with silk duchess channels and silk twist flossing in the longer late century style.♡


What’s On In Corsetry…

Single layer custom dyed satin coutil with silk duchesse channels and silk flossing combined with beautiful black antique lace from Elizabeth Emerson. I love the look of the mid to late 1890s.♡

In The Works…

Busy building the frilliest of frillies and underpinnings, because plain old cotton just won’t do.