Tombstone Trunk Show At No. 11

Come along with us to No. 11 for a trunk show! πŸ™‚

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Back In LA

After a smooth uneventful 11-hour flight, we’ve made it back to LA from London and it’s good to be back. The one thing that immediately hit us was just how sunny and warm California is- after a week and a half in the UK, the contrast was almost like night and day. While we were in the UK, it was mostly cloudy, cool, and often misting/drizzling. And that’s the Spring weather… 😁

Anyway, we’re glad to be back and we’ll be sorting through all our pictures and video footage and posting some of it. In the meantime, we just want to say that it was an amazing adventure and we accomplished pretty much everything that we set out to do.

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The Morning After

It’s the morning after the ball but that’s not stopping us! Off to the Pump Room for brunch and then walking it off in Bath! 😎😁

It was a wet, somewhat drizzly day so we opted to not going boating as we’d originally planned…

A little wet but that quickly dried out later…It was a lot of fun. We’ll have more soon!

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