And Now A Little More For Angus

More progress has been made on Angus’ outfit and I just completed the signature Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat, scaled down for Angus:


Angus’ nwe hat- he’s not that thrilled at the moment…

For a seemingly simple hat, there was actually a lot of work involved and especially since it’s so small- basically doll clothes. 🙂 The final product isn’t too bad, all things considered (like having to recut fabric and starting all all…) and Angus tolerated it fairly well. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of Angus wearing the whole outfit and when I do, I’ll be sure to post them here.

And Something For Angus

Just for fun, I decided to make an outfit for Angus so he would also have something to wear when we go out to historical events (I was going to make this for Clockwork Alchemy but circumstances got in the way). 🙂 To this end, I chose a Sherlock Holmes outfit pattern that’s made by McCall’s:

Image result for dog costumes mccalls

The instructions were very straight-forward with no confusing elements and construction was relatively easy. I used mostly scrap fabric from around the Atelier but I did buy a yard of an Armani wool plaid (expensive but Angus is worth it).




After the basic coat construction, I put it on Angus to make sure there weren’t any fit issues…and there weren’t. 🙂



Now to add the final trim to the coat and make the distinctive deer-stalker hat…more to follow! 🙂