A Little Tea & Scandal At No. 11

AA little holiday tea and scandal with my friend Arlene at No. 11.  😉


Christmas Not-So-Past

Time spent in Christmas Not-So-Past with a good friend in a small chapel built for a monarch at the Vyne in England.



Christmas Past In Tombstone…

Christmas Past in Old West Tombstone, visiting friends and stopping by every place of business…it was bitter cold that day!


Holiday Greetings From London!

This year we decided to change things up for Christmas so we’re spending it in London. 🙂 Yes, you heard right, London like in London, England. 2018 has been an exceptionally busy year for us, between various projects and travelling, it’s been a crazy but fun time for us. We want to take this moment to with all our clients and followers Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! We’ll have more soon so stay tuned. 🙂