What’s On At The Atelier

Wrapping up yesterday’s projects, Angus and Fiona are bored to tears! Time to relax with a movie tonight. 😉

Karin Corset Atelier 1890s

Angus Fiona Atelier Petticoat Karin

Now Taking Orders!

Looking on the bright side…cancelled events have opened some fall/winter slots for custom gown and corset orders here! If you ever craved a Lily Absinthe look, now is the time. In-person fittings and fabric perusal both in LA and in Tombstone! I’ll also have fantastic dress lengths of silks and cottons for sale, along with some great ready-to-wear gowns and hats. Planning to be in Tombstone this Fall and Winter? Pm me and stop by The Dressmaker’s Cottage for some tea and dress chat!

Rumor has it that I’ll be “in town” November 5-7 and again two weeks after that…we’ll be splitting our time between LA and Tombstone until March.

Two Corsets – Two Days

Two corsets in two days, now for the finishing work and flossing!
A little tired. 😎



And Now For Some Corsetry…😁

Just needs flossing and a body. NOW I can fit the dress mockup and start fresh. 😎



A New Corset Shape At The Atelier

I’m busy. So much to do and deadlines looming. Three gowns in 20 days isn’t going to happen, I discovered that a new corset shape was needed…scaling my current ones wasn’t enough. Just have to tack down that lace and I’m ready to fit my new bodice mockup! Wish me luck. Time is fleeting.😎