And More Corset Creations!

For today, Silk brocade on cotton twill S bend style with antique lace, dyed to match silk ribbon, and peach and lilac silk flossing…dreamy. We also construct have a wide variety of chemises, corset covers, and petticoats to coordinate. For more details, please contact us HERE.




Corset Creations For The Early 1900s

And next up, one of our latest corset creations and very appropriate for the early 1900s- Nile green silk corset and pistachio cotton batiste petticoat with vintage lace insertion; this corset is patterned from Atelier Sylphe Ref S with antique lace and pink silk flossing, embroidery, and pale green petticoat…it reminds me of a pistachio macaron.This is just a sample of what we can make for you and custom orders are welcome. For more details, please contact us HERE.



A Little More From No. 11…

My choices were: Tea and scandal, or attending the Helldorado parade…you can guess. 🙂

Another Corset In The Works…

Nearly finished with this Nile green silk corset, Ref S from Atelier Sylphe
Pictures when it’s flossed and I get the nerve to wear it for the camera! ♡

And For A Little Corsetry…

Pretty details and antique lace from Elizabeth Emerson Designs make my heart beat faster. Single layer satin coutil corset (custom dyed) with silk duchess channels and silk twist flossing in the longer late century style.♡