Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and we’re definitely ready for the weekend. This week has been a bit of trial with the all the fires and high winds going on in Southern California so to celebrate, we thought we’d kick it off with this excellent painting by Renoir depicting a lady in an early 1870s dress. What especially caught our eye was the deep blue color, something that’s on of the foundation colorways here at Lily Absinthe. Enjoy!

Auguste Renoir, La Parisienne, 1874

19th-Century American Dress: Behind the Scenes at The Costume Institute Conservation Laboratory

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has one of the most extensive collections of late Nineteenth Century garments. One of the more notable examples from their collection is one that should be familiar to anyone with a familiarity with 1880s fashions and is often cited as a perfect example of the mid to late 1880s silhouette:

Evening Dress, American, c. 1884 – 1886; Metropolitan Museum of Art (C.I.63.23.3a, b)

Curious to know more about this dress? Well, now you can with this video that was produced by the Met:

Getting Ready For Helldorado…

We’ve had a busy year, so I may…or may not be able to finish my new blue gown for “Helldorado” weekend in Tombstone. I’ve been busy with corset orders, and making new samples, then you may have heard that there were fires in the LA area this week. Sigh…busy. Last year for Helldorado, we had one of the heaviest hail and lightning storms on record for the area! Is it Old West Climate Change…or is Tombstone truly a haunted place? It sure feels like it sometimes…See you on Allen Street, as we go East…to be in The West. 🙂