Works In Progress

It’s been a year and I still haven’t altered this old thing…oh well. Life got busy. I’ll just shelf the bodice and start from scratch. Some day.

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The Gray Dress

Why the grey dress nonsense?

It’s the answer to the: “Why are you always so fancy?” question. 😄

So… I found this simple grey dress from the Museum of Bath website (with sadly, no provenance) and did a little research. A video is upcoming on our YouTube Channel about some fun information we found about “simple” gowns…that really aren’t that simple.

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Back At The Atelier With Our Latest Project

It Needs petticoats and a body, no judging. Faded old embroidered cotton, skirt is completely hand finished because I’m weird and do things the hard way. Snuck in a tiny black silk pleated strip at the hem. I know this project is supposed to be simple…but the chatter in my head is Joan Cusack from “Working Girl” when she says: “it needs some bows or something!”

There will be no bows.

TW- WHY IS IT that the things that appear the simplest are actually the most difficult? This skirt is entirely undersewn, that was an adventure! 😁 😆

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