And For Some More Originals…

LBD*, circa most likely 1898 with those smaller sleeve puffs at the shoulder and that interesting shirred silk brocade contrast arm gusset that matches the applied collar pieces. Someone tried to steal some of her inner boning before she came to live with us, but that assault allows us to politely inspect her insides. Don’t you love that pretty cotton print on the inside and those precise hand stitches for her Hong Kong finishes? She’s not a mourning bodice, she was somebody’s special gown that glittered with every graceful corseted turn. I like to think she’s seen a lot of happy occasions and deserves the love we can give her. She’s definitely on my “must pattern her” list! 🙂

*Little Black Dress- term made famous by Coco Chanel

1883 Style…Counting Down

The source for this red dress I’m obsessing over is an 1883 day dress from page 150 of my old Harper’s Bazar book, which is well-worn, loved, and probably held together with post-its. Once I found the silk that could do artistic pleating, (by using the brocade’s design and not just “straight” pleating) I was determined. We were able to draft a pattern from several original pattern sheets, with Adam using the dining room table and me using my cutting table in the studio…but we did it. The bodice’s pattern hasn’t been scaled to my size yet, but that’s never scared me. The skirt should be finished by tonight, and tomorrow morning I can start drafting that bodice. Deadline looming, four more days!