Taking A Turn Around The Garden

Taking a turn around the garden before I dive into the next round of orders, wouldn’t you love to dress up every day? 🙂



Various Projects At The Atelier

This was originally a weekend project of antique bits, then I decided to get all fan-cy. 🙂
Soon. I hope.


And Now For A Little Millinery

This week’s lineup of extant hats, all waiting for repairs and steaming. How many teas and parties have these been worn to before they came to live here? I try to imagine them with each little repair.



Restoring extant garments requires love and patience. This linen lace jacket had mellowed evenly, so I chose to not lighten it, removed all the old metal hooks, and strengthened weak points with appliqué. I’ll carefully wear it for special occasions only and then put it to bed with its tissue. Don’t you wish we could hear the stories these clothes could tell, like beautiful teas or walks along the Seine? Now to go through my hat collection and find something gorgeous.

More At The Atelier

Why else wear a colored petticoat, if not to show it? Some secrets are better shared. 🙂