More At The Atelier

Why else wear a colored petticoat, if not to show it? Some secrets are better shared. 🙂


Some 1900s Style At The Atelier

Still patiently hand finishing the applique work on this dress so I can finally work on the bodice. Are any of you still working on finishing Quarantine dresses? I predict we’ll all emerge like butterflies. 🦋


What’s On…

Laptop has been at the guru’s office for a while but was returned to me better than new. Today I’m finally caught up with convos and editing. Tomorrow is my 2nd Pfizer, crossing my fingers for a gentle outcome! Then, back to Tombstone in two weeks for some quick dress up time, some fittings, and more new fabrics for Angus’s Attic.


Lingerie Dresses

I love how the sheer “lingerie” dresses come to life with colored petticoats and corset covers…just finished this ensemble cobbled from extant lace pieces and carefully deconstructed vintage cotton cafe curtains. Definitely a labor of love…without the pink silk, it’s just some old cotton frock.  🙂


Ruffles, Ruffles…

Ruffles, ruffles…inside and out. They make my girly heart beat faster. 🙂