Out And About

First Victorian Outing in eighteen months with friends in the early California citrus orchards at Rancho Los Camulos. Dappled shade, good friends, champagne, and the gift of a few good hugs. And..a new dress. All is right with the world. 🙂

Getting Ready For Tombstone

Trying to wrap up all the fiddly fittings so I’ll have something fun to wear for Wyatt Earp Days (Memorial Day Weekend) in Tombstone…so many projects to finish before then!

Looking Forward…

From 2019 at the Prior Attire Ball…we hope that borders open this year so we can enjoy dress up time with friends again!


In Bath- Looking Forward!

Taken by @timelightphotographic at the Prior Attire event in Bath…this is the weekend that we should be there again. But…you know, pandemic. Looking forward to 2022 and seeing friends in person again!


Looking Back- Bath

It was only three years but feels like a lifetime ago… we’ll be back! 🙂

WWe had a lovely evening at the Prior Attire Ball, the rooms are exquisite (oh the chandeliers!) and met new friends. There were so many gorgeous gowns and handsome men in white tie or uniform, it was worth all the effort to attend. The sweetest moment was the opportunity to meet in person people I’ve only met and admired online on a few social media platforms. Well done! We’ll be back. Tomorrow is breakfast at the Pump Rooms, in daytime attire.