A Little More From No. 11…

My choices were: Tea and scandal, or attending the Helldorado parade…you can guess. 🙂

A Quick Turn At No. 11

It’s October and that means Helldorado Days in Tombstone. Although somewhat scaled back because of COVID concerns, it’s still event and draws a lot of visitors, which is a good thing for the town merchants. Although things have been hectic here in LA with an upcoming photoshoot and all, I decided to take some time and head down to No. 11 and get some work done on the house and generally socialize (within limits, of course). Saturday, I decided to head into town briefly and at the same time have an excuse to dress up. 🙂 First we start with the basics…

And  then the  dress:

And Miss Fiona had to supervise as stylist… 😉

Well, off we go to town! 🙂

Taking a Turn Around Hjo, Redux

Our trip to Sweden gave me an opportunity really put my 1890s wardrobe through its paces and it was a total success. The weather and location were perfect and it all came together nicely.

Enjoying a twirl outside a gorgeous 1898 Swedish country house and hoping it doesn’t rain! I had fun today wearing (finally) my new 90s gown with all the restored extant embroidery. We come home to the US on Monday, then I can post the photos from the original museum gown before it was restored and answer questions like: “how did you get your sleeves to stay that big” and other fun thoughts one learns along the way. It’s fun to wear history when one can, but it’s a piece that will require gentle care. The hat is a deaccsession museum piece…another piece that requires gentle handling. The parasol I recovered in silk, then used one of my original lace covers.

NOTE: The video actually plays with the correct side up.

On Year Ago In Sweden…

One year ago we were spending our Labor Day weekend in Hjo, Sweden and the end of Summer there is definitely different from Southern California! 😉

Adjusting epaulets and hats turning into sails, Sweden’s Summer is not like what we have in LA…more hairpins, please!

Our First Trip To Bath…

It’s been three years since we first visited Bath and we’re looking at being able to do so in 2021, if all goes right. Our first time there was simply amazing and it was quite different than anything we had experienced here in the States. But just as fun as the actual ball was, the morning after at the Pump Room was also amazing and we’re looking forward to having breakfast here and taking the waters once again. 🙂

As a wonderful follow-on to the previous night’s ball at the Assembly Rooms, we were invited to breakfast at the Pump Room Restaurant by the ball’s organizer Izabela Pitcher. 🙂 We were extremely pleased by both the venue itself and the meal. The Pump Room is a restaurant that was originally built in the late 18th Century as part of a number of structures that were erected as part of developing the town of Bath as a resort destination for the rich. Here’s one view of the Pump Room in 1798:

And the front entrance today:

Also, the Pump Room was built as part of a complex that utilized the existing natural springs, to create the King’s and Queen’s Baths which were marketed as health spas; today, only the King’s Bath exists. Here we are arriving at the Pump Room:

Prior Attire Ball Bath Adam

Here I am wearing my wool sack suit- The weather in California is usually just not cold enough for this.

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin

And here’s an interior shot:

Pump Room Bath

And yes, you can still “take the waters” of Bath…it’s really just warm cloudy water with the hint of various minerals… 🙂

Image result for pump room bath

And here are a few more views:

Image result for pump room bath

Image result for pump room bath

And an earlier view:

Image result for pump room bath

Here’s a few more of us:

Prior Attire Ball Bath Adam Pump Room

And here I am pointing out the King’s Bath…

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin

And finally, here’s one with our gracious hostess Izabela Pitcher: 🙂

Prior Attire Ball Bath

It was a wonderful culmination to our trip to Bath and it will always be a cherished memory for us.