Dressing Up…

Dressed for Sunday’s walk to town, it’s “Wyatt Earp Days” and event weekends are always fun. Yes, this is a wool suit…but it’s 7 oz weight and was super comfortable!

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A Special Thank You!

A special THANK YOU to all of our clients who shop on our Etsy page as well as ordering custom gowns! Every day, I cheerfully drop off your purchases at the Post Office so you can get your treats sooner in your hands. If you’re going to be at Wyatt Earp Days this Memorial Day Weekend and want to save on shipping, we’ll bring it out to you!

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Walking Around Bath – The Coca Cola Dress Returns!

It’s a sunny day in Bath and we didn’t miss the opportunity to show off the Coca Cola dress! 😁 First to get ready…

Yeah, checking the latest e-mails… 😁

The out we go! First stop was this nice, shady park area just by the Royal Crescent:

This park was the perfect place to model the dress- all kinds of shade and natural lighting.

And Voila! The Royal Crescent!

It was a busy day with a lot of people visiting Bath…

We wish we could have worked it so there was no modernisms in the background but there’s only so much you can do…

It was an incredibly beautiful, sunny day in Bath and we took full advantage of it. We’re looking forward to returning in the future to model more dresses! 😁

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