And Them There Are Design Changes…

Sometimes, a better dress design happens when one simplifies. I went from full-on vintage lace, big pleats and frills…to scaled vertical tucks and old embroidered trim. I still have plans for some bows, though! 🙂

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What’s On

Remember the brown silk suit? Same pattern draft, but in cotton. Once I get those cut steel buttons on and photograph it, the brown one will be for sale, but this cotton print one is mine all mine! 😁 Wouldn’t that one be pretty in a blue print with blue silk? That one will be next and that one will be another one for sale in the shop!

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At The Ball!

And finally we made it! In spite of all the last-minute adjustments, snafus, and general craziness, it was all worth it!  Of, course no ball is complete without last-minute adjustments to the ballgown…

Arriving at the Assembly Rooms…

Overall, it was a marvelous experience and the pictures don’t do justice to the event- we’ll definitely be back. 😄

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