A 1900 Moment

Enjoying a light and floaty 1900 moment with a new antique hat.  🙂




Gibson Girl Height…

This extant lace on wire hat gives me all the Gibson Girl feels…there’s something to be said for feeling taller! 🙂



For For A Little Re-Working

I‘m refashioning this 1890s suit that I wore last year…and restoring this extant hat to give it a lift. I love lace on wire hats, they’re like wearing a cloud!




And Now For A Little Millinery

This week’s lineup of extant hats, all waiting for repairs and steaming. How many teas and parties have these been worn to before they came to live here? I try to imagine them with each little repair.


The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Hats, or more properly millinery, are the most important accessory in one’s wardrobe and are essential for completing just about any look. Here at Lily Absinthe we offer a variety of hat styles, each custom made for the individual client.





Our hats are finished, both inside and out, in the manner appropriate for the period and we use period construction techniques and our hats are decorated to coordinate with the rest of your outfit rather than simply being a random assortment of feathers, beads, and other geegaws. For further information, please contact us at info@lilyabsinthe.com.