Looking Forward…

And looking forward to a return to Munich and Southern Germany in general. Our plans were scuttled for this year but we’re planning ahead… 🙂 The picture below was one of the highlights of the trip- you couldn’t ask for a more perfect scene:

A Year Ago…

Ayear ago we were getting ready to head off to Germany and Sweden…that was a lot of fun and it was definitely an adventure. Once this COVID business has resolved itself (hopefully) , we’ll definitely be heading back.  🙂

For our next excursion abroad, at the end of August, we’ll be heading off to Munich for a few days followed by Sweden. While fashion-wise France has always overshadowed both countries, we’ll still be on the lookout for the rare and unusual in the world of fashion and history so stay tuned for more on our adventures. 🙂

Out and About Munich, Part 2

Lunch was a delightful low-key affair at a local cafe that had an excellent view of the Residenz and after having recharged ourselves, we returned to the Residenz to view the Treasury and Cuvilliés Theatre. The Treasury itself is pretty straight-forward- essentially a large vault with a very massive door- that now houses the Wittlesbach Crown Jewels and other valuable mementos to include a coin collection with some 300,000 pieces. Below are just a couple of examples:

The Wittlesbach Crown Jewels.

It was hard to get decent pictures in the Treasury due to the lighting and glass display cases so I had to lift the above two pictures off of Wikipedia.

We next visited the Cuvilliés Theatre which was a visual treat. Like much of the Residenz, it’s been completely rebuilt on a site that’s close to the original site but it follows the same plan as the original and many of the fittings to include the boxes are original, having been stored away for security during the war. Originally built in from 1751 to 1755 under the Elector Max III Joseph, it was designed by the architect François Cuvilliés the Elder (who designed a number of structures in the Residenz complex). Below are some views that we got:

The stage- This is actually a working theater.

Looking up from the ground floor. There were four levels of seating.

Looking towards the main entrance. Above the entrance is the King’s private box.

Interestingly enough, the theater is a functioning theater and performances are staged here on a regular basis. Of all the places we visited, the theater was the most compelling, helped by the fact that it was fully air conditioned. 🙂 One of the downsides of visiting museums in Europe during the warmer times of the year they have minimal ventilation and the atmosphere is warm and stifling. But in spite of the challenges, it was well worth the effort and just the scale and magnitude of the structures and their furnishings is simply amazing. Stay tuned for more! 🙂