Tombstone At 20 Years

I have a little laugh when people here in town don’t know I’ve been here for twenty years. Well…it’s true. The big 2-0. This is the week we bought this place and life changed in the weirdest ways imaginable! I’m still a California girl, but I love this town…still can’t figure out why, but I do. Friends who are family now bind me here, half the time I drive out, I stay here and just sew. Sorry about the barking, Tombstone…Angus and Fiona are here, too. 😁

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Riding For The Brand

L onging for luscious corsets with breathless designs, gorgeous gowns, and a Vintage Lifestyle Blog of the Victorian Era? We’re a Hollywood source for the most authentic and B-Western looks in gowns, corsetry, and millinery! We have work studios in Los Angeles and at our historic home “#11” in Tombstone. Please “like” our page, lace up, and RIDE with the Lily Absinthe brand!

Lace Me Tighter, Dear ❤

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