C’Est La Vie

It’s winter, and this girl’s fancy turns to bustle-y ballgowns…but then I got a call for work and my plans went to heck. There will be time to make fancy things later, because work always wins. 😁 So much to clean tonight!

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Riding For The Brand

L onging for luscious corsets with breathless designs, gorgeous gowns, and a Vintage Lifestyle Blog of the Victorian Era? We’re a Hollywood source for the most authentic and B-Western looks in gowns, corsetry, and millinery! We have work studios in Los Angeles and at our historic home “#11” in Tombstone. Please “like” our page, lace up, and RIDE with the Lily Absinthe brand!

Lace Me Tighter, Dear ❤

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A Long Day In Town

It’s been a long day in town as we got caught up on things and meet up with old friends. The trunk show was a success and we’re hoping to build off of it for later in the year with Helldorado Days. We definitely are looking forward to seeing more of yo in the future.  Below are a couple of pictures showing some of what we brought out for sale:

This is only a small percentage of our inventory…

We’ll be returning soon to do more work on the house pursue some marketing opportunities for future endeavors. Stay tuned for more!

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