Paris Gowns Sold From The Backs Of Wagons…😄

“Paris gowns sold from the backs of wagons”…the best line from my favorite movie. Can you guess which one? I brought back this silk from Montmartre, when @adamlid1 and I saw it, we both said: “Tea Gown!”  😎


The Palais Galliera Reopening

We’re happy to announce that the Palais Galliera in Paris is finally opening on October 1, 2020! While it appears that they’ll be adhering to their policy of having specific exhibitions rather than maintaining a permanent collection on display (at least what we can gather from the official press release and the website). A visit to the Palais has always been high on our list of must-sees in Paris but it’s been closed for the past several years so hopefully we can go there the next time we’re in Paris. The downside is that while they have an extensive collection, it’s all in storage and the only time anything is on public display is if there’s an exhibition (it would be nice if they had an organized photo archive, but alas, no).

As a warm-up, you might recall that the Palais holds this tea dress that once belonged to the Countess Greffuhle:

Tea Dress, Worth c. 1895; Palais Galliera (GAL1964.20.4)

And one of her evening dresses:

Worth, Evening Dress, Worth, 1896; Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris (GAL1978.20.1)

So here’s hoping to maybe being able to see these up close and personal one day! 🙂

And Straight From Paris…


We brought back this huge roll of violet silk duchesse satin from Paris (we carried it all over Montmartre last November!) with the intent of using it for corsets…so I’ll make this sample, then the rest remains for my purple-loving clients. Deee-lish! ♡

Another Look At The Countess Grefuhlle…

This video discusses the Countess Grefuhlle and her legacy and was part of an exhibition about her that was staged at the Palais Gallieria in Paris and the FIT Museum in New York back in 2016. We would have loved to have seen the exhibition in person.