Corsets & Petticoats

What’s a corset without the softness of a petticoat? I love the contrast of lacy layers spilling from a tightened waist, don’t you?

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A Little Sneak Preview…

What’s prettier than a colored silk petticoat? Showing it off! Hmmm, just a peek… 🙂



Ruffles, Ruffles…

Ruffles, ruffles…inside and out. They make my girly heart beat faster. 🙂



Something Edwardian At The Atelier

Whatever I’m doing, Fiona wants to be involved. BTW Angus is sleeping at my feet.   🙂

And Some Petticoats

Even in the heart of winter, my girly heart craves embroidered sheers over colored petticoats…this yellow one gives this dress a kiss of sunshine 🌞

We have a variety of designs and fabrics available for petticoats and you can find out more by contacting us HERE.